The end is in sight… or is it the beginning?

It’s the final week of my Media Enhanced Learning course (you know, the whole reason I started this blog devoted to exploring and documenting my learning about social media & technology in chemistry education). I can hardly believe the flurry of tweets, Facebook posts, and forum posts will be drawing to a close! And I feel perfectly okay confessing my relief… maybe I’m not representative of my generation, but participating in various conversations in so many different platforms was quite a struggle for me. I felt like I was continuously distracted by each new topic or post that appeared and would begin formulating a response to it when another equally interesting one would appear. It was also a brand-new experience for me to work full-time while attending school part-time (even in an online course format). I think I have a better understanding of what many of today’s post-secondary students are dealing with  and I can only express my profound respect for their commitment to learning amidst the daily requirements of family, work, and life.

I still feel like I’ve been on a bit of a circus ride (perhaps a whirly gig?) with a myriad of impressions and idea seeds floating around in my head. I’ve learned about or been exposed to web 2.0 tools, copyright issues and Fair Access, projected media, non-projected media, instructional design, gamification in learning, and what education may look like 10 years down the road to name only a few. I think I could easily spend the next year processing it all out on this blog, and secretly I hope to! I don’t want this blog to die with the end of the course but to continue to be a resource and inspiration for myself and other teachers in chemistry or education who are interested in integrating technology and social media for enhanced engagement and learning.

So I’d like to leave this post with a link to a great infographic featured in Ed-Tech magazine created from Always Prepped Blog 7 habits of highly effective teachers.

7 Habits of Tech Ed

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