Chemistry Resources

A collection of resources for chemistry educators

American Chemical Society HighSchool Education Resources
Chemical Education Digital Library
National Centre for Case Study Teaching in Science (find case studies for chemistry by education level)

UC Davis’ Dynamic Chemistry Textbook via ChemWiki:
Royal Society of Chemistry’s Learn Chemistry Wiki – included compound information and laboratory experiments


Element Podcasts – Every element in the periodic table by the Royal Society of Chemistry

Distillations Podcasts – “historical perspectives on current scientific issues”

Royal Society of Chemistry news podcasts:

Quirks & Quarks- CBC Science news with Bob McDonald

Khan Academy

Demonstrations and Experiments – 50 awesome videos –

Crash Course videos – the nucleus, significant figures, periodic table, etc.

Chemistry To Go -videos of elementary chemistry problems being solved.:

Virtual Labs & Simulations
Interactive web tutorials and simulations –

Great general chemistry simulations-

Basic simulations and tutorials – properties of matter, change of state, structures and bonding, reactivity series, acids, bases, salts –

HPLC simulation:
also includes problems sets in the educational resources that can be used with the simulator


ChemBlaster – element symbols, naming ions, and ionic compounds

Jeopardy Labs – create interactive review games

Online Courses

Carnegie Mellon University

MIT Chemistry Laboratory Techniques

MIT Kitchen Chemistry

UC Berkeley’s Introduction to General Chemistry – video and audio lectures

Apps (iPad)

The Elements iPad app review ($13.99)

Molecules iPad app review (free)

Lewis Dots app link (free)

24 Free Chemistry iPad Apps article


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